A web site is more than just a site

Computer Space (1971)
Computer Space (1971)

I’m surprised at how many people still think that simply putting up a website will increase the sales of their business.  I meet new clients constantly who have never considered that just having a website is not enough.

Typically when I meet with any client the first thing I ask, once we’re into the meat of the conversation, is “How do you plan to get people to your site?”  Seriously, 9 out of 10 people just stare at me like I’m not speaking English. I have to go on and explain… “Just because you HAVE a site, doesn’t mean people will go there”. I would never make fun of my clients regarding this. I know deep down that I am the expert, not them, and that is why they called me in the first place. But I’m still amazed that they have never thought that through.

Personally, the more I design and construct websites, the more I realize that it’s a two part system.

  • Design – The seriousness of a company will definitely be reflected in the calibre of their website. First impressions are HUGE and a great design is a must for any business that wishes to succeed.
  • Marketing – Just having a website is not enough. You have to convince people to go to your site.  This is an art and takes time.

So unless you have thousands of dollars to “risk” in marketing (which may or may not work), the best thing to do is build a great looking website, optimize it for SEO ranking and then relax, be patient, and watch your numbers grow over time.

It’s like a garden. Plant, water, and be patient.

(I know… there’s more to it than just that. This is a pretty simplistic view. But I’ll get into that in future posts. Don’t worry.)

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