The Beauty of Open Source – My top 5 picks

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Free is a very good price.

I have used open source web programs for years. Everything from Linux to OSCommerce to WordPress blogs (like this one). So I decided to list my top 5 favorite Open Source installations.

Thanks guys for these great products.

5. OSCommerce (Link) – PHP based. This has been a great shopping cart system. I have installed it many times and it works awesome. NOTE: OSC is now out of date. They have been working on version 3 now for at least 2 years. I don’t know if this software will survive or not.

4. Spark Messenger (Link) – Fantastic inner office messaging system that is highly secure and doesn’t use an outside service.

3. PHPBB Forum (Link) – What a terrific, easy to install solution for a user forum. I highly recommend this Open source solution.

2. Magento Shopping cart (Link) – PHP based. This has been a great option for e-commerce web sites. It’s not easy to install and it’s not easy to customize. But once you dial the features in and work through all the little customization bugs, this is a fantastic, feature rich solution.

1. WordPress (Link) – PHP based. This blog is created from WordPress. Thousands of design templates, easy to customize, easy to update. With each update this software keeps getting better and better. Way to go WordPress.

I also suggest other software like Joomla, Drupal, PHPCoin, GIMP, LINUX, and many more. I plan to write more about these in the future but I wanted to mention the top 5 Open Source programs that I use most.

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