Xobni, A great add-in for Outlook


XOBNI - Outlook Plug-in
XOBNI - Outlook Plug-in

Happy new year!  I’m starting off this new year with a post about something I use constantly.

Imagine knowing how many times a certain person has emailed you. Or perhaps what hour of the day most of your emails come in from a particular client.  Think about being able to actually see the face of people you have never met before as their picture is pulled automatically from their Facebook account and displayed right there in Outlook.

What if you could have instant access to every email and attachment from a person and have them all arranged and sorted by ‘conversation’. How about being able to know in an instant who emails you the most and who you respond to the quickest on average.

Picture yourself hitting “SEARCH” and a list of emails INSTANTLY appears (no waiting 5 minutes for a simple email search).

Introducing  XOBNI  (“Inbox” spelled backwards.)  The all-in-one plug-in for Outlook.  It is the perfect solution for all those little (and big) tidbits of information you can’t get from outlook.

I have used XOBNI (the free version) for about a year and really like it.  I have gone through several version upgrades and each one gets more stable and feature rich.   When I first downloaded it, XOBNI was in a sort of BETA stage and had a lot of bugs.  Outlook would crash, the computer would hang up and function VERY slowly, the CPU resources would be completely used up by XOBNI’s indexing function. It had some problems.

However, despite my early struggles with XOBNI, I kept reinstalling it and trying to make it work. Once I started using it, I found that I was relying on it heavily for information not available anywhere else. I have to say that most of those bugs have been worked through. I still have a little trouble closing Outlook from time to time (Now fixed – see comments below). But I’m sure that will be fixed with the next update and the usefulness of this free program far outweighs the little inconveniences that sometimes occur.

Download XOBNI here.

Try it out and then be sure and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Xobni, A great add-in for Outlook

  1. I figured out why XOBNI hangs up and won’t let Outlook close completely when exiting.

    It was my “COM” plugin for iTunes. I disabled that (in Tools > Options) and everything works properly now.

    Here are the instructions. (I only went to #3 to get it working)

    Outlook 2003
    1) Go to Tools menu -> Options -> Other tab -> Advanced Options.
    2) Click COM Add-ins button. In the Add-Ins available list, click to clear the check box for any add-ins that are installed.
    3) Click OK to close the COM Add-Ins dialog box.
    4) Click Add-In Manager button.
    5) Click to clear the check box of any installed add-ins that are listed in the Add-In Manager dialog box.
    6) Click OK.
    7) Click OK to close the Advanced Options dialog box.
    9) Click OK to close the Options dialog box

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