Having Trouble Seeing Color?

Use the “Color Index” book and get it right every time

I find that when creating a layout for a client, they often have a certain primary color they want to use. Sometimes that’s accompanied by a secondary color. But rarely am I given more than 2 colors to work with and often I get suggestions like “Well, I really like purples and reds”. But as you can imagine this isn’t really very helpful in trying to come up with an overall color scheme.

Occasionally the client will give me a color logo or some other printed material which I can then take some color clues from. But then there are times when I simply draw a blank and don’t know even where to start.

When we consider that we need color settings for the fonts, the header graphics, any logos, links, visited links, text headers, and other detail design elements, we need more than just one or two colors to choose from. The last thing we want is a monochrome looking layout (at least by accident). And the other last thing we want are hideous colors that completely clash with each other and make visitors feel uneasy about being there.

What do you do in those cases where more colors are needed than what you have at your disposal? Grab the Color Index book by Jim Krause of course. This unique book boasts over 1100 color combinations for setting exactly the right tone for your project. I have to say, this book has saved my neck more than once and often sets me in the right design direction. Color is so important in the scope of the project.

For a web designer the Color Index is a must have. For each color combination it shows both the CMYK and RGB values for the colors represented. Truly a handy guide for both web and print media.

The book is one in a series of books that include: The Color Index 2, Layout Index, Idea Index, Type Index, Design Basics Index, Photo Idea Index, and perhaps more. All of which I’m sure are very helpful. If they are anything like the original Color Index, they are absolutely remarkable.

I highly recommend the Color index if you have any reason to be matching colors. Period.

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