ALO Easymail – Insert single address (Solved)

ALOEasyMail I love WordPress. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and sort-of easy to modify the code base.

One of the great plugins available for wordpress is ALO EasyMail Newsletter. It is an email address storage database that allows you collect email addresses, categorize them, and send HTML formatted bulk emails to any/all categories in the list. It works quite well once you get familiar with how it works.

The Problem

In my usage of this plugin there has been one major problem that I’ve encountered.  There is no way to easily insert just one name at a time into the database from the admin area.

You can actually add a single name and address by creating a “user”, but then it asks for a new password and it’s just not that easy.

You can also go into the PHPMyAdmin for the database and add the name directly to the database table “wp_easymail_subscribers“. But this requires you to log-in to the control panel, find the database, etc. etc.  So this isn’t Good either.

The Solution

AOLEasyMail_window I have created a simple solution that is user friendly and easy to install.  There are just two instructions:

  • Copy the one included “PHP” file into your “wp-admin” folder
  • Add one line of code to your wp-content/plugins/alo-easymail/alo-easymail_subscribers.php file

That’s it.

Now you can simply navigate (in WordPress Admin) to your USERS > Newsletter Subscribers  page and there will be a new link called “Insert Single Name”.  See the image above for a sample of what that link looks like.

How easy is that? Pretty cool.


  • BULK-INSERT – this can accommodate lists of names and addresses too.
    • No more making and uploading CSV files. Just copy and paste your list into the provided form field.
  • This has been tested with ALO EasyMail Newsletter 1.8.7  but should work fine with other versions as well.
  • This script makes no modifications to the database structure and can easily be deleted by reversing the steps above
  • This script checks for duplicate entries before inserting. If an existing address is found it sets the “active” field for that address to 1.

Let me know how it works for you.   I would be interested in what version of ALO you have it working in.

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