Install WordPress Theme Builder (from an existing website)

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I work a great deal with WordPress. It seems to be a pretty standard open-source software package for building websites these days. Besides the ease of use and flexibility aspects of WordPress, it continues to be remarkably stable and has a huge user base.

However, one of the more difficult things about WordPress (And by ‘difficult’ I mean, ‘for the average person’) is how to create a good looking custom theme and apply it to your WordPress site.

I came across a tool today that blew my mind.  It will take a layout (from any website) and instantly create a complete custom theme from it.  All you have to do is define the regions you want to assign to the main body and the sidebar(s). Once you define those areas, you simply hit “Download Theme” and you’re ready to go.  Simply amazing.

LIVE DEMO HERE Custom WordPress Theme maker

Saves time, effort, and money. Try it out.


Also, take a look at this 40 second video

Wordpress custom theme matcher


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