Open Source Software

Install WordPress Theme Builder (from an existing website)

I work a great deal with WordPress. It seems to be a pretty standard open-source software package for building websites these days. Besides the ease of use and flexibility aspects of WordPress, it continues to be remarkably stable and has a huge user base. However, one of the more difficult things about WordPress (And by… Read more Install WordPress Theme Builder (from an existing website)

Directory Stats–Greatest Program EVER!

I just found the program that has changed my life forever.  Well, that may be an overstatement, but this one is GREAT. It’s called WinDirStat (short for Windows Directory Statistics) and it does an amazing job of showing how big individual files on your computer are.  So, you’re wondering why you are running out of… Read more Directory Stats–Greatest Program EVER!

ALO Easymail – Insert single address (Solved)

I love WordPress. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and sort-of easy to modify the code base. One of the great plugins available for wordpress is ALO EasyMail Newsletter. It is an email address storage database that allows you collect email addresses, categorize them, and send HTML formatted bulk emails to any/all categories in… Read more ALO Easymail – Insert single address (Solved)